1000+ Active Hindi News WhatsApp Group Links Join List 2023

Are you ready to unlock a treasure trove of knowledge and stay ahead of the news curve? Look no further! We have scoured the digital landscape to bring you the ultimate compilation of the best Hindi News WhatsApp group links. These groups are not just your average news sources; they are vibrant communities bustling with discussions, breaking news updates, and an incredible array of multimedia content. Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of Hindi news like never before.

Join these extraordinary WhatsApp groups and witness the transformation of your news consumption experience. Prepare for an exhilarating journey through the realms of information, entertainment, and intellectual stimulation. Brace yourself, because the best Hindi news experience awaits you behind these virtual doors.

Are you ready to dive in? Let’s explore the best Hindi News WhatsApp group links together!

Hindi News WhatsApp Group Links

Best Hindi News WhatsApp Group Links

We’ve curated a list of the best Hindi News WhatsApp group links that will keep you informed, engaged, and up-to-date with the latest happenings. Join these groups and discover a world of reliable news, insightful discussions, and exclusive content in the Hindi language. Don’t miss out on the best Hindi news experience – join these WhatsApp groups today!


Hindi Breaking News WhatsApp Group Link

For those who crave instant updates and breaking news, joining a Hindi Breaking News WhatsApp group is a must. These groups provide real-time updates on the most recent happenings across various categories such as politics, entertainment, sports, technology, and more. Stay ahead of the curve with the Hindi Breaking News WhatsApp group. 

Group Name Join Link
Aaj Tak News Click Here
WorldWide News Click Here
Nation Times Click Here
All India News Click Here
News in India Click Here
Ujaagar News Click Here
All News India Click Here
E-News & Magazines PDF Click Here
Tech Talk Click Here
Current affair in Hindi Click Here
Today’s News Click Here
Tech Hub Click Here
Islamic Knowledge Click Here
All Newspaper PDF Click Here
Daily World News Click Here
Today News in Hindi Click Here
सोशल इंडिया टुडे Click Here
GK Indian JOB Click Here
Patna Breaking News Click Here
Pakistan Newspapers Click Here
Daily Cg News Click Here
Job Updated Click Here
Work From Home Click Here
Construction News Click Here
Aaj Tak News Click Here
BBC News Click Here
Leaked news Click Here
All Jobs and News Click Here
NewsHunt Hindi Click Here
News ABP Click Here
Nation Times Latest News Click Here
What is even life Click Here
NewsBytes Click Here
Five Birds News Updates Click Here
BITCOIN Opportunity Click Here
जम्मू कश्मीर DEAF NEWS Click Here
Kerala flood live news Click Here
Rajput Indian Click Here
General Football News Click Here
IPL News Click Here
H@cker News Click Here


Indian Hindi News WhatsApp Group Link

Stay connected with the broader Indian news landscape by joining an Indian Hindi News WhatsApp group. These groups provide news updates from across the country, covering national politics, regional news, entertainment, sports, and more. Be a part of the Indian Hindi News WhatsApp group to stay informed.

Daily Hindi News WhatsApp Group Link

For those who want a regular dose of Hindi news updates, joining a Daily Hindi News WhatsApp group can be highly beneficial. These groups curate and share news articles, videos, and updates from various Hindi news sources. Start your day with the Daily Hindi News WhatsApp group. 

English Hindi News WhatsApp Group Link

If you prefer to receive news in both English and Hindi languages, joining an English Hindi News WhatsApp group can be a great option. These groups provide bilingual news updates, catering to individuals who are comfortable with both languages. Stay bilingual with the English Hindi News WhatsApp group.

  • Pilibhit Darpan/NDIndia News – Join
  • Marathiमहान्युज24 – Join
  • Hindi News WhatsApp Group
  • 🎀 ताप्ती मीडिया न्यूज़ 🎀 – 01 – Join
  • 🎀 ताप्ती मीडिया न्यूज़ 🎀 – 02 – Join
  • 🎀 ताप्ती मीडिया न्यूज़ 🎀 – 05 – Join
  • social media growth – Join
  • News and fun 😊 – Join
  • Suddione news – Join
  • Mst News Update – Join
  • Popular news – Join
  • Govt-News24 – Join
  • AssamUnion News – Join
  • Jharkhand news – Join
  • online work – Join
  • daily news – Join

Free Hindi News WhatsApp Group Link

If you’re looking for free access to Hindi news, joining a Free Hindi News WhatsApp group can be a perfect choice. These groups provide news updates, articles, videos, and other content without any subscription or payment requirement. Stay informed without spending a penny with the Free Hindi News WhatsApp group.

WhatsApp Group Name


Kallai global news media


Ujaagar news 11

I love my India

Daily News and G. K

Education news Group

J&k news

Jharkhand news

NewsPapers and Headlines

Real news

Gujrati Akhbaar

सरकारी नौकरी डॉट कॉम



Latest Hindi News WhatsApp Group Link

Joining a Latest Hindi News WhatsApp group ensures that you are always up to date with the most recent news and developments. These groups curate and share the latest news articles, videos, and updates from various Hindi news sources. Stay ahead of the curve with the Latest Hindi News WhatsApp group. 

Video Hindi News WhatsApp Group Link

For those who prefer visual content over text-based news, joining a Video Hindi News WhatsApp group can be a great option. These groups share news videos, interviews, and other engaging video content related to Hindi news. Stay visually informed with the Video Hindi News WhatsApp group. 

शायरो की दुनिया Click to Join Group
Hindi Quotes Click to Join Group
Hindi Local News Click to Join Group
Job News Click to Join Group
शिक्षा सुगम समाचार JOIN Click to Join Group
News Group Click to Join Group
डूंगरपुर पत्रिका समूह Click to Join Group
Update in Hindi Click to Join Group
Hindi Notes Click to Join Group
डीएलएड पाठशाला Click to Join Group
Hindi Pathshala Click to Join Group


Benefits of Joining Hindi News WhatsApp Group Links

Joining Hindi news WhatsApp groups offers several benefits for individuals seeking to stay informed. Some of the advantages include:

  1. Instant Updates: By joining these groups, you receive news updates directly on your WhatsApp, ensuring you stay informed in real-time.
  2. Wide Range of Topics: Hindi news WhatsApp groups cover a diverse range of topics, including politics, sports, entertainment, technology, and more, catering to the varied interests of group members.
  3. Engagement and Discussion: These groups provide a platform for like-minded individuals to engage in discussions, share opinions, and exchange ideas on various news topics.
  4. Access to Exclusive Content: Some Hindi news WhatsApp groups may share exclusive content such as behind-the-scenes videos, interviews, and in-depth analysis, giving you access to additional insights.
  5. Convenience: WhatsApp groups offer a convenient platform to access news updates without the need to navigate through multiple websites or apps.

How to Join Hindi News WhatsApp Group

Joining a Hindi news WhatsApp group is a simple process. Follow the steps below:

  1. Select a Group: Choose the Hindi news WhatsApp group you want to join from the provided links in this article.
  2. Click the Link: Click on the provided link, and it will redirect you to WhatsApp with a prompt to join the group.
  3. Join the Group: Click on the “Join Group” button in WhatsApp to become a member of the selected Hindi news group.

How to Create Hindi News WhatsApp Group Link

If you want to create your own Hindi news WhatsApp group and invite others to join, follow these steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp: Open WhatsApp on your mobile device.
  2. Go to Chats: Go to the “Chats” tab in WhatsApp.
  3. Tap on More Options: Tap on the three-dot menu icon at the top-right corner of the screen.
  4. Select “New Group”: From the options, select “New Group” to create a new group.
  5. Add Group Participants: Add participants from your contacts who you want to be part of the group.
  6. Set Group Name and Image: Choose a name for your Hindi news group and set a group profile picture if desired.
  7. Create Group: Tap on the “Create” button to create your Hindi news WhatsApp group.
  8. Generate Group Link: Once the group is created, go to the group settings, select “Invite via link,” and generate the group link.
  9. Share the Link: Share the generated Hindi news WhatsApp group link with others to invite them to join your group.

Rules for Hindi News WhatsApp Groups

To maintain a healthy and productive environment in Hindi news WhatsApp groups, it is essential to establish and follow certain rules. Here are some common rules for WhatsApp groups:

  1. Respectful Communication: Members should communicate respectfully, avoid personal attacks, and engage in constructive discussions.
  2. No Spam or Self-Promotion: Members should refrain from sharing spam, promotional content, or unrelated links that can disrupt the group’s purpose.
  3. No Offensive Content: Posting offensive or inappropriate content, including hate speech, adult content, or graphic images, should be strictly prohibited.
  4. Fact-Checking and Reliable Sources: Members should strive to share accurate news and information from reliable sources and fact-check before posting.
  5. Privacy and Consent: Respecting the privacy and consent of other group members is crucial. Avoid sharing personal information without consent.


Q1: Are these Hindi news WhatsApp groups free to join?

Ans: Yes, all the provided Hindi news WhatsApp group links in this article are free to join.

Q2: Can I join multiple Hindi news WhatsApp groups?

Ans: Absolutely! You can join multiple Hindi news WhatsApp groups based on your interests and preferences.

Q3: How often are updates shared in these groups?

Ans: The frequency of updates depends on the specific group and its members. Some groups may share updates several times a day, while others may have a lower frequency.

Q4: Can I share my own news articles or videos in these groups?

Ans: It is best to check the group rules and guidelines before sharing your own content. Some groups may allow self-promotion, while others may have specific guidelines regarding shared content.


Hindi news WhatsApp groups have become valuable resources for individuals seeking instant updates and engagement with news in the Hindi language. By joining these groups, you can stay informed, engage in discussions, and share news articles, videos, and other content with like-minded individuals. Choose the relevant Hindi news WhatsApp groups from the provided links in this article, join them, and embark on a journey of staying connected with the world of Hindi news.

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