500+ WhatsApp Group Names for Classmates New List 2023

Remember the good old school days when we laughed together, studied together, and shared countless memories with our classmates? Well, those unforgettable moments don’t have to be a thing of the past! With WhatsApp groups, we can stay connected to our classmates and relive those cherished memories. But wait, what’s a WhatsApp group without a cool and catchy name? Have a look our  new list of  WhatsApp Group Names for Classmates.

WhatsApp Group Names for Classmates

 WhatsApp Group Names for Classmates 

The Power of Nostalgia

The Old School Squad

Step into the time machine and relive the school days with “The Old School Squad.” This name is perfect for classmates who share a deep bond, making them feel like it’s still the good old days.

Classy Reunions

“Classy Reunions” brings together the elegance of the past and the excitement of the present. It symbolizes the joy of meeting again after years apart.

Timeless Connections

Some connections are timeless, and “Timeless Connections” captures the everlasting friendships built during school days. It’s a name that stands the test of time.

Embracing Inside Jokes

Chatterbox Gang

For the classmates who could never stop chatting, “Chatterbox Gang” is a playful nod to their never-ending conversations and laughter.

Brainiac Buddies

“Brainiac Buddies” celebrates the academic excellence of the group, combining brains and friendship into one powerful name.

Homework Avengers

Remember those days when tackling homework felt like saving the world? “Homework Avengers” pays tribute to the classmates who conquered every assignment together.

Unleashing Creativity

Class Acts Club

“Class Acts Club” is the embodiment of creativity and talent within the class. It’s perfect for a group that excelled in various artistic endeavors.

Masterminds Unite

“Masterminds Unite” is a name for the brilliant minds that conquered challenges together and left an indelible mark on the class.

Artistic All-Stars

For the creative souls, “Artistic All-Stars” is a fitting name that celebrates their passion for art, music, and all things creative.

Celebrating Achievements

A+ Warriors

“A+ Warriors” honors the high achievers of the class who consistently excelled in academics and inspired others.

Dream Chasers

“Dream Chasers” is for the classmates who set ambitious goals and worked tirelessly to achieve them, motivating the entire class.

Future Leaders’ League

“Future Leaders’ League” is a name that acknowledges the potential of the class to become influential leaders in the future.

Unbreakable Bonds

Forever Friends Circle

“Forever Friends Circle” speaks of the unbreakable bonds and lifelong friendships formed during those precious school years.

BFFs – Best Friends Forever

“BFFs – Best Friends Forever” is a classic and heartwarming name for classmates who consider each other as lifelong best friends.

Lifelong Memories Club

“Lifelong Memories Club” is a reminder that the memories made together in school will be cherished forever.


With these creative WhatsApp group names, you can now add a unique touch to your classmates’ group. Choose a name that reflects the camaraderie and shared experiences of your school days. These names will not only make your group stand out but also strengthen the bond among classmates as you journey together through life.


  1. How can I change the group name on WhatsApp?
    • To change the group name on WhatsApp, open the group chat, tap on the group subject, click on the pencil icon, and enter the new name.
  2. Can I add emojis to the group name?
    • Yes, you can add emojis to the group name for a fun and expressive touch.
  3. Are these names suitable for college friends too?
    • Absolutely! These names can be adapted for college friends or any other group with a close-knit bond.
  4. How do I create a WhatsApp group?
    • To create a WhatsApp group, open WhatsApp, go to the Chats tab, click on the menu button, select “New Group,” and add participants.
  5. Can I use these names for non-school-related groups?
    • Of course! These names can be used for any group of friends who share a strong connection and want to celebrate their bond.

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