WhatsApp Introduces Text Size Adjustment for Windows Users

WhatsApp, the popular messaging platform,  WhatsApp Introduces Text Size Adjustment for Windows Users within the app. This feature aims to enhance the user experience by offering more flexibility and customization options. Initially available to beta testers, the text size adjustment feature will gradually be rolled out to a wider user base in the coming days.

WhatsApp Introduces Text Size Adjustment for Windows Users

The New Text Size Adjustment Feature

With the latest WhatsApp update for Windows beta, users gain the ability to adjust the text size according to their preferences. By navigating to the ‘Personalization’ menu within the app settings, users can easily modify the font size to suit their needs. Additionally, resetting the text size to default can be done conveniently with the shortcut CTRL + 0.

Enhanced Readability and Compact Layout

Increasing the font size allows users to comfortably read messages without straining their eyes. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who prefer larger text for better readability. On the other hand, reducing the text size caters to users who desire a more compact layout, providing them with additional screen space.

Gradual Rollout to Users

Initially, the ability to adjust text size is being tested by beta users who have installed the latest WhatsApp beta update for Windows. However, WhatsApp plans to expand the availability of this feature to more users in the near future. This ensures that a broader audience can benefit from the enhanced text size customization options.


WhatsApp’s introduction of text size adjustment for Windows PC users demonstrates the platform’s commitment to enhancing user experience and providing customization features. The ability to modify the text size offers greater convenience, readability, and a more tailored messaging experience. As the feature gradually rolls out to more users, WhatsApp continues to refine its services to meet the evolving needs of its global user base. Stay tuned for this exciting update and enjoy the flexibility of adjusting text size within WhatsApp on your Windows PC.

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